Hey my name is Adam, i am a university graduate from the United Kingdom.


I graduated from Northumbria University for Animation where I studied everything from Games, video editing, motion graphics and Visual Effects. I have a profound passion for digital media and I’ve been involved with it from a young age.


When I was young I taught myself how to edit videos at home, I then progressed into digital design and motion graphics before growing my interest in games and entertainment. I’ve always been passionate for entertainment like movies music and games, this is what encouraged me to teach myself many of the skills I use today.


I’ve done freelance projects for clients for things such as graphic design, video editing and motion graphics. Many of my freelance projects involve online website or entertainment such as YouTube or twitch. I’ve almost always been involved with games in some way and my interest in them has taken me to websites like these where I can work with content creators.


At university, I found myself enjoying the 3D animation and Games pipeline. Because of that I decided to make my final project a games level to help me showcase my skills and experience in 3D art and animation. I designed the level and characters myself including the scripting and interactive elements of the game.


You can see some of my work that I’ve done in the portfolio section of this website or if you want to contact me about work you can do so in the contact me section.





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